"The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all darknesses. " (Kazantzakis)

Laura left her body in 2008…two years later than the doctors said she had to live. She died at home as she requested. My brother and I got to spend a week with her in the hospital and say goodbye. She couldn't speak but I know she could hear. I brought my guitar and we sang her favorite songs.  She was  courageous and beautiful...and she is missed. I am immensely grateful to the artists who donated their songs to help raise funds and awareness for cancer treatment - It's a wonderful compilation that I know you will love.

I believe in the healing power of music.

I am grateful for how music can bring us together and be a powerful solace during a rough time.  Songs for Laura is dedicated to my mothers memory and to anyone who is traveling that hard road now. 

Songs for Laura is proud to support these organizations doing good work in the community:

Nancy's List

The Keep a Breast Foundation

If you or someone you know is going through cancer and would like a Songs for Laura cd or download just let me know and I will send it to you.












1. Sean Hayes – Flowering Spade
2. ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) – Maria
3. Brett Dennen – When I Go
4. Forest Sun – Be Kind to You
5. Shane Alexander – Spaces in Between
6. Matt the Electrician – Happy Ending
7. Beth Waters – Forms of the Truth
8. Tom Freund – Other Plans
9. Danny Schmidt – This to Shall Pass
10. AJ Roach – Devil May Dance
11. Anais Mitchell – Mockingbird
12. Alex Goldfarb – Be Water
13. Devon Sproule – The Weeping Willow
14. Paul Curreri – A Song On Robbing
15. Gavin Glass – Ragdoll
16. Four Year Bender – Southern Smile
17. The Mammals – Haircut Money
18. Elam Blackman – It’s Okay to Be Alone
19. Libby Kirkpatrick – Jenny’s Eyes









1. Heather & The Barbarians – Nightsong
2. Rachel Ries – Lonely Spires
3. Peter Bradley Adams – Teresa
4. Larkin Gayl – Warrior
5. Michael Zapruder – Harbor Saints
6. Alexis Harte – Slow
7. Quincy Coleman – Sleep Late
8. Kris Delmhorst – Strangers
9. The Blank Tapes – It’s So Hard To Let Go
10. Samantha Crain – The River
11. The Bittersweets – Houston
12. Jesse Aycock – Take Me In Your Arms
13. Noelle Hampton – Blackwing Butterfly
14. Jesse DeNatale – Soul Parade
15. Will Conner – Sweet Girl
16. Jared Tyler – Dancer
17. Clare Muldaur – Leave My Man Alone
18. Easton Stagger Phillips- Goodbye Blues
19. Carrie Elkin – Gospel Song
20. JT And The Clouds – Cup of Codeine
21. Jolie Holland – Mehitabel’s Blues
22. Tim Easton – All The Pretty Girls Leave Town