Happy Independence Day!

Sending lot's of love on this day of independence. It occurs to me that perhaps none of us are as independent as we'd like to imagine we are. We all share this little blue ball floating through space, circling the sun. But it sure is nice to have the freedom to choose your own way isn't it? We all need that sense of autonomy and agency in our lives to feel happy. That's what this holiday reminds me of.

I've been working as a film composer on a soundtrack for a film, writing new songs, painting, swimming as often as I can to stay sane, and enjoying being home in the redwoods again after so much travel this last year. 

Some musical performances and an art show coming up. Would love to see you there.

July 13   Music on The Square, Cooper Creek, Winter Park, Colorado

July 14  Winter Park House Concerts, Winter Park, Colorado

Colorado shows with David Tiller and Enion Pelta Tiller of Taarka on mandolin and violin.

July 29 Socket Sessions in San Jose, California

with Mike Mullins on guitar and mandolin

Aug 2 Redwood Grove Music Series Berkeley, California 

with Gawain Mathews on guitar and mandolin.  The indomitable Chris Smither headlines.

Links to get tickets are at

I'm am excited to share new art work with you! August 4th is the opening reception for Color Works- a group show at Marin Museum of Modern Art featuring some of my new paintings. I'll be there.  Come sip wine and oggle the art and show me your best art contemplation face. Here is a taste of one of my new paintings entitled "Color of Morning".



As always thank you for being part of my life, my art and my music.

Whats happening with you? Write me back if you like? I love hearing from you.

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Lots of love,