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One week into the Kickstarter! It's been such a gift to hear from you all and feel your love and hear your stories of the first time we met or the first time you heard my music.  Write me back!  I love hearing from you.

As a thank you to you who have pledged already (and to tempt you if you haven't yet), I offer you this song. "Windowsill". Supporters of my Kickstarter will get a new song every month culminating in a new album. I know you like your music free and easy. And I know you want to make sure that the music keeps coming!

Thank you for your care and for sharing with friends far and wide! May music help heal our hearts and our planet.


Here is there link to the Kickstarter 

 For your free new song just click this link:

Yours in love and songs,


P.S. I've added a new painting as a reward. The  painting I sent you last week, "Color of  Morning",  has been pledged for! This new piece is called. "Under the Same Moon" Acrylic on Canvas 12" by 12" and can be all yours with your pledge.

Under The Same Moon