He chopped wood with keyboardist Garth Hudson from THE BAND. He was housemates with fellow musicians Maria Muldaur and Geoff Muldaur. He literally built the floor that Bob Dylan and countless others stood on in manager Albert Grossman’s Bearsville music studio near Woodstock,NY... but missed out on meeting Dylan because of an untimely case of excessive flatulence brought on by his home cooked, home grown, garden picked beans. He was my first guitar teacher. He studied buddhism in Nepal. Lived on the Navajo Reservation. Worked on a farm still run with Clydesdale horses. Had four kids. Was an epic gardener who grew his own food. Raised turkeys. Hitchhiked by himself to Alaska. He was an artist and a carpenter and a mechanic. He was a conscientious objector during the Vietnam war. He practiced Aikido and Tai Chi. When I was 14 we drove together in a 1954 chevy pickup from New Mexico to Vermont. The truck couldn’t go over 45 miles per hour. We had to leave it running when we got gas and park on a hill so we could get it started again. The huge red wooden box he built on the back carrying all his world possessions later was turned into a chicken coop. He lost three older siblings to cystic fibrosis and his father to a brain tumor by the time he was twelve. He had a great laugh and twinkle in his eye. He never hurried. He was a wizard.

He was my father and I loved him and miss him already.

There will be a concert in his honor and celebration of his life January 25th at the Emporium Wines & The Underdog Cafe where he played music every Sunday for the last 8 years. Music an performances by Amelia MarieSchumacher, Eben SchumacherOlin SchumacherCarl SchumacherBruce SchumacherTeresa SchumacherTucki BaileyForest Sun and The Devils Backbone.


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