My new album releases to the world today. 

And while I don’t feel particularly glamorous at the moment, still in bed sniffling with the flu and five day stubble and surrounded by tissues, I do feel grateful. Grateful for all of your love and support that makes my music possible. For all the amazing people who made this album appear from the ethers into your ears and hearts and minds.  Thank you Ingrid Serban  for your harmonies, for being true to yourself and and everything that led to these songs. Thank you Gawain Mathews for sitting in a room with me for the endless hours it takes turning grief and sorrow and hope and a few chords into something that hopefully at it’s best transcends into art or at least a listenable tune, and for the heart the ears and the chops you bring to everything you do. So many great musicians, singers, and engineers lent their considerable talents to this record: Thank you Noëlle Hampton Kelly McFarling Lia Rose Lara Louise for your harmonies. You lending your voices to these words and melodies brings such depth and joy to these songs. Thank you Rob Hooper and Kyle Caprista for being the heartbeat of this record.  Thank you Alex Budman for horns. Thank you Andre Moran for engineering and Justin Weiss for mastering. Thank you Penelope Powell-Grzebik for cd layout and design and support. Thank you Kristen Carranza for all you do. Thank you to each and everyone of my Kickstarter backers. Thank you Linda Fahey and Folk Alley and all the DJS that are playing the record. Thank you all for listening. I love you all. I know this is starting to sound  like I am giving a Grammy acceptance speech (on the ballot next year for best folk album Recording Academy / GRAMMYs friends!)... though writing these songs is a solitary process recording them is not and I had to acknowledge everyone who is part of that. I love the magic that each of you bring. Thank you. I think my time is up.🌲🌞