As these days flow by I wake each morning feeling the press in my chest to make the most of the time I am here. To follow the love. To bring this music to you if I can. To be available to life. To share my art and my heart. To meet you in person instead of on a screen. To look you in the eye and share that infinite wonder that we are here at all. 

Here are some ways you can help bring this music to you and the world:

1.Invite me to come play! Host a house concert. Request that they book me at your favorite venue or festival. Write me back and we'll make it happen.

2.Help get me from here to there! Have extra frequent flyer miles you'd like to donate? Own an airbnb I can stay in on my way through? Have a cabin in the woods or a spot perfect for recovering from the road and writing songs where I can stay a while? Let me know.

3.Share my music with your friends. What's your favorite song of mine? Post about it and tell me? Call your favorite local radio and ask them to play my music. Follow me on you tube for the latest videos. Share them with your friends! Follow and share any of the social media below that suits your fancy.

4. Make a contribution. Love is more important than money!  But won't pay for my airline ticket.  I love that my music is always there for you for the asking with just a click.  The music is free everywhere now. Making the music and bringing it to you is not. Your support makes it all possible. If the link doesn't work you can PayPal me to

5. Come to a show! In a room. With other people. Not in your house. (Unless your hosting :))  Sing along. Clap your hands. Stomp your feet. Come say hello. 

I know there are a million songwriters and I feel lucky that you like my music and care enough to be on this list. I don't take it for granted. Thank you!

Check the tour page for shows I've booked so far for this year. Don't see your town? What can we cook up?

The video is a live version of my song "Magpie" recorded in an aspen grove in Colorado.  It feels like a civil war era murder ballad to me. Looking forward to playing with the marvelous David G. Tiller on mandolin and Enion Pelta-Tiller on violin again next month in New Mexico (dates and ticket links on the tour page). The song has only been released as part of the kickstarter a few years back. If you want me to send you that cd or a download I will.

I will keep putting out a new song every month (See below for all the songs so far)

Write me back or this conversation starts to feel a bit one sided. Like I'm just mumbling into the abyss of the endless cyber world of echos and wandering ghosts. I like hearing from you.