hey, how are things in your world?

A six year old said to me a few days ago at the beach "It's like the wind asks a question and the waves answer."  So there you have it. Poetry and physics.  "Melody and numbers" goes the line in the song by my friend Sean Hayes. One chord leads to the next and the moon pulls all the water we are made of around like the tides.

My new monthly song is here!

Two chords and a lot of feelings.

Now That She's Gone

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The new record comes out in October. Stay tuned for news of the cd release party.

Here's a video of a live solo performance of Baby Don't Worry (We'll Be All Right) from a visit to Grez Guitars in Petaluma. Isn't that a lovely guitar?

The follow the love tour continues. Come say hello.

Couple of trio shows with Steve Adams on bass  (You know Steve from ALO, Nicki Bluhm) and Rob Hooper on drums, (You've heard Rob on Albums by Seth Walker, Hot Buttered Rum, Anna Egge Carolyn Wonderland)

Playing in San Rafael, Ca.  JUN 21 FRI at the Fenix with The Belle Sounds from Austin, Tx. Noelle and Andre of The Belle Sounds will sit on some tunes! We go way back to the early days of the old Sweetwater in Mill Valley. Love all these people and am excited to be making music together.

And in Placerville JUN 22 SAT Benefit for Positive Legacy  positive music for a positive cause!

See more upcoming dates across the good old USA on the tour page.

Write me if you feel like it. I like hearing from you.  And I love invitations.



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Now That She’s Gone

She wrote me out of her story

She took my picture off her wall

We had love she wanted glory

She doesn’t answer my call

Now that she’s gone

Every song sings to me

Now that she’s gone

It’s not like it used to be

Now that she’s gone

I can’t sleep through the night

Now that she’s gone

Nothing seems to be right

I thought I knew love what did I know?

I thought I knew low, how low can I go?

I’ve never felt so alone

I don’t no where to call home

Now that she’s gone

I thought our love was strong enough

Now that she’s gone

I never knew it could be this rough

Now that she’s gone

I am lost, all at sea

Now that she’s gone

got no anchor, no place to be

Now that she’s gone

Now that she’s gone

Now that she’s gone

Now that she’s gone


Forest Sun - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar

Rob Hooper - Drums

Gawain Mathews - Electric Bass Guitar, Electric Slide Guitar, Hammond organ

Produced by Gawain Mathews and Forest Sun

Engineered and Mixed by Gawain Mathews

Mastered by Justin Weis