Just back from some lovely shows with some lovely people in Oklahoma. The Arkansas River was a swollen brown serpent. I saw a few fireflies and even put my barefeet in the grass, somehow escaping unscathed by chigger bites. Nice to sleep in my own bed last night and walk in the redwoods this morning.

I'll be in San Francisco at the premiere of the film  Free Trip To Egypt on June 12.

Working on this film took me to three continents over the last two and half years.. It's the first time I have done an entire feature film soundtrack. I met some amazing people.  Saw the pyramids. Rode a camel.  Director Ingrid Serban will also be in attendance at the San Francisco event.

The film screens nationwide that day as part of the #pledgetolisten campaign Day of Unity on June12.

To get your tickets and find a screening in a theatre near you go to:

Free Trip to Egypt

My new songs every month are here! Listen! Enjoy! Share!

The Follow the Love tour continues with upcoming shows in California, Montana, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Tennessee, and Missouri coming up, Check the tour page for details and reach out if you want me to come play your town.

Below is a live video of my new song Windowsill recorded live at Grez Guitars in Petaluma.