Hello from Michigan!

  I've been driving, playing and jumping in lakes from Saint Paul to Petoskey on the Follow The Love Tour. More upcoming shows and radio appearances below.

Here is this months new song just for you:

Knowing How It Ends

You can hear the rest of the monthly songs so far here

The new record comes out in October! 

 I can send you a physical cd then if you like.

Here is a monthly painting  -"Visionary", and a new Porch Session video for you as well  -"Bring Me Home".

"Bring Me Home" is a song from my first record reimagined bluegrass style - recorded at Story Ranch in New Mexico with David and Enion of Taarka on mandolin and violin.

Write me back if you feel like it. I like hearing from you.  And I love invitations. Follow the Love Tour info below. Let me know if you would like to host a house concert.

Yours in Love and Music and Gratitude,