I love that you can hear the birds in this porch session video. Worth waking up early to catch the that and the light.

I am home sleeping in my own bed for a couple of nights now. Hikes in the redwoods and jumps in my favorite swimming hole. Laundry. Swept the leaves off the deck. Batteries recharging.

Looking forward to playing with Mipso this weekend in Berkeley, CA - all ages!. Excited to be opening for Mason Jennings on his upcoming California shows, too. Show info below. Get your tix!

The new record "Brighter Day" releases Oct 11. If you are one of my Kickstarter Backers I am sending you your cd now. If you would like to order one from me direct just let me know. I'll sign it for you if you want. Will you help me appease the algorithm gods and preorder it on Spotify here as well? Also if I was out of your size and you want me to send you a ๐ŸŒฒ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŽถ T-Shirt just let me know.

So excited to be sharing this record with you. If you've been following along with my monthly songs this year there is also a 13th track you haven't heard yet on the new record!

The first review of the record is in:

โ€œThis troubadour has touches of Americana, folk, country, soul and blues sprinkled in the music and it all just sounds plain good.โ€ Country Music People Magazine - Dave Watkins

I asked if I could share this with you from folks who drove 4 hours from Wichita just to come to my show. This is what The Follow The Love Tour is all about and why I do what I do:

"Hey Forest, I'm the Wichita tailgater from the Warrensburg MO courthouse concert. I just wanted to say thank you for making the trip to the middle of nowhere. Not often one of our favorite artists comes through the Midwest. The wife and I donโ€™t get out much with two young kids, so we value our nights out. You gave us a memory that will never be forgotten. She canโ€™t stop talking about it and posted on Facebook โ€œThe BEST concert experience of my life.โ€. We really appreciate you and your music!"

thank you all for being part of my world and inviting me into yours.