Bonjour from Paris- and a song for you


(from Dec 18., 2017)

Bonjour from Paris!

  I'm here working on the soundtrack for an upcoming film. The weather has been cold and gray and wintery. My favorite things about Paris so far:

Chambelland Bakery – On Rue Ternaux- the best gluten free bakery I’ve every been to. I love it.

Shakespeare and Company. Great bookstore! They published James Joyce’s Ulysses back in the day. James Joyce’s son married my great grandmother so I have a special connection with this place. I actually read all of Ulysses in college (yeah I’m bragging a little). What a tome of stream of consciousness! A log of how our minds work – both awake and asleep. My great grandfather was a publisher in Paris in the twenties. He published Ernest Hemingway and had a fling with Peggy Guggenheim.  Many great poets and writers have actually lived and written in the Shakespeare and Co. bookstore throughout the years. I just bought the new Phillip Pullman book there, which I quickly devoured.

Riding a borrowed 10 speed bicycle through the Bois de Vincennes with our Editor Pierre (him on his unicycle). Pedaling through the wintery sunlight of a December afternoon.

 The Eiffel tower – maybe it’s corny but I love the feeling up there and the panoramic views of the city.

It’s been quite a year. Working on two films. Travels to Transylvania, Zurich, Egypt, Lugano, Lisbon, San Sebastian, Kentucky, Arizona, Pennsylvania, New York. Playing shows in Minnesota and California. 

All the motion and jet lag can be exhausting, but I am grateful to be working on interesting creative projects and experiencing new places, people and languages.

Highlights for me this last year have been:

Swimming with dolphins in the Red Sea. Riding a camel at sunset with a view of the Giza pyramids. Sunrise on an Arabian horse galloping through the desert in Saqqara. Singing with Ingrid and the bats inside the sound pyramid at Dashur. Swimming in a salt lake in Turda, Romania. Jumping naked in the ocean after hiking down to a hidden beach in Portugal. Daily sprints up the stone steps and diving in the lake in the tiny village of Gandria towards the south of Switzerland near the border of Italy. Evening tapas and morning rainbows in San Sebastien, Spain. So tasty.

May this be a joyous holiday for you and yours. Here is a free song for you that I hope brings a smile to your face and a bounce to your step in spite of it all. Thanks to my kickstarter backers for making it possible.

“Oh What Joy”

The painting of mine below is called “Revelry”. Sometimes you just need to laugh in the face of all that gets you down. This piece and more of my paintings and artwork is available for sale at the online gallery



As always thank you for being part of my life and my music.

Write me back if you like. I love hearing from you.

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Lots of love, 
Forest                        Photo by Ingrid Serban


Putumayo presents Acoustic America


Putumayo presents Acoustic America

What an honor to be on this compilation with folks I grew up listening to! Sonny Terry and Brownie MGhee are folk blues legends that played in my great uncles living room in Boston, Massachusetts before I was born. They were filming an episode of Pete Seger's television show. Joan Baez was there, too. and made a big impression on my mom who was there in the audience and just 17 at the time.

I had a cassette of Doc Watson I used to listen to on my Walkman.

Life keeps moving and the music plays on. 

So many great artists on this CD.

Here's a version of the song Putumayo chose for the compilation :

"Change My Tune" from the Porch Sessions with special guest Erik Yates on Accordion.


1–Luke Winslow-KingYou Don't Know Better Than Me

2–Sonny Terry & Brownie McGheeI Was Born With The Blues

3–Jeffrey FoucaultLodi

4–Forest SunChange My Tune

5–Buck HowdyShenandoah

6–Doc WatsonSitting On Top Of The World

7–Eden BrentGoodnight Moon

8–Justin RutledgeYear Of Jubilo

9–Red Horse Feat. Eliza GilkysonJohn Gorka and Lucy KaplanskyWayfaring Stranger

10–Guy Davis (3)Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

11–The Jim Kweskin Band w/ Samoa WilsonSome Of These Days

12–Clay CumbieHere's To The Journey


Songs For Laura


Songs For Laura

"The real meaning of enlightenment is to gaze with undimmed eyes on all darknesses. " (Kazantzakis)

Laura left her body in 2008…two years later than the doctors said she had to live. She died at home as she requested. My brother and I got to spend a week with her in the hospital and say goodbye. She couldn't speak but I know she could hear. I brought my guitar and we sang her favorite songs.  She was  courageous and beautiful...and she is missed. I am immensely grateful to the artists who donated their songs to help raise funds and awareness for cancer treatment - It's a wonderful compilation that I know you will love.

I believe in the healing power of music.

I am grateful for how music can bring us together and be a powerful solace during a rough time.  Songs for Laura is dedicated to my mothers memory and to anyone who is traveling that hard road now. 

Songs for Laura is proud to support these organizations doing good work in the community:

Nancy's List

The Keep a Breast Foundation

If you or someone you know is going through cancer and would like a Songs for Laura cd or download just let me know and I will send it to you.












1. Sean Hayes – Flowering Spade
2. ALO (Animal Liberation Orchestra) – Maria
3. Brett Dennen – When I Go
4. Forest Sun – Be Kind to You
5. Shane Alexander – Spaces in Between
6. Matt the Electrician – Happy Ending
7. Beth Waters – Forms of the Truth
8. Tom Freund – Other Plans
9. Danny Schmidt – This to Shall Pass
10. AJ Roach – Devil May Dance
11. Anais Mitchell – Mockingbird
12. Alex Goldfarb – Be Water
13. Devon Sproule – The Weeping Willow
14. Paul Curreri – A Song On Robbing
15. Gavin Glass – Ragdoll
16. Four Year Bender – Southern Smile
17. The Mammals – Haircut Money
18. Elam Blackman – It’s Okay to Be Alone
19. Libby Kirkpatrick – Jenny’s Eyes









1. Heather & The Barbarians – Nightsong
2. Rachel Ries – Lonely Spires
3. Peter Bradley Adams – Teresa
4. Larkin Gayl – Warrior
5. Michael Zapruder – Harbor Saints
6. Alexis Harte – Slow
7. Quincy Coleman – Sleep Late
8. Kris Delmhorst – Strangers
9. The Blank Tapes – It’s So Hard To Let Go
10. Samantha Crain – The River
11. The Bittersweets – Houston
12. Jesse Aycock – Take Me In Your Arms
13. Noelle Hampton – Blackwing Butterfly
14. Jesse DeNatale – Soul Parade
15. Will Conner – Sweet Girl
16. Jared Tyler – Dancer
17. Clare Muldaur – Leave My Man Alone
18. Easton Stagger Phillips- Goodbye Blues
19. Carrie Elkin – Gospel Song
20. JT And The Clouds – Cup of Codeine
21. Jolie Holland – Mehitabel’s Blues
22. Tim Easton – All The Pretty Girls Leave Town