1. No Regrets

 Darling no regrets

I’m so glad we met

And even though we made a mess

I’m glad that we said yes

Darling no regrets

You know I love you still

And I always will

Love is not a test

I know we did our best

Darling no regrets

Here’s to your success

May all you do be blessed

I wish you every happiness

Darling no regrets.


2. Walk Through Walls

Everybody wants to feel those arms around them

To be rocked like a cradle by their mama, their lover or the Lord

And hearts live on no matter how you try and drown them

So throw that self-righteous self-pity overboard

You greet the dawn with such nonchalance

As if you’ve seen it all

As if such glory only happens once

As if your heart could walk through walls

Autumn chased me to Charlottesville

The first crisp days following me as I head south

Singing low rumbling harmonies

And laughing right out loud

I’ve got a lover in Carolina

She likes to call me baby doll

She’s a waitress at the anywhere diner

She’s got a heart that can walk through walls

Languid summer slowly said goodbye

With tranquil smile and hooded eyes

Still dancing to last nights music

Still waiting for the moon to rise

Dropped my life in a big blue mailbox

In an Alabama grocery store parking lot

Got in my car and just drove in circles

Trying to remember what it is I forgot

All the ghosts down in New Orleans

All the sinners in St. Paul

Do they know how much you adore them?

And that your heart can walk through walls?

Poetry isn’t always dark and romantic

Sometimes it just keeps you company

Or offers to take you out to breakfast

Maybe makes you a cup of tea

Do you ever wonder what it was that woke you?

Do you marvel that someone heard your call?

Did you ever ask her if it broke you?

The way your heart can walk through walls?


3. Change My Tune

The song I been singin’

Done got tired

I could tell you different

But I’d be a liar

I’m gonna change my tune

Gonna change my tune

I tell you sweet baby

I’m gonna change my tune

I know you’ve heard this one before

Well you ain’t gonna here it anymore

I’m gonna change my tune

Gonna change my tune

Don’t worry pretty baby

I’m going to change my tune

The last song I sang you

I got the words wrong

Let me sing you another you can sing along

Gonna change my tune

Gonna change my tune

Listen here baby

I’m gonna change my tune

Believe me baby when I say

Everything is different starting today

I’m gonna change my tune

Gonna change my tune

Believe me honey baby

I’m gonna change my tune.


4. Weep and Wail

Days are growing shorter and colder now

The old north wind blows the leaves across the ground

I lay down in the middle of the road

Looking for faces in the clouds

Sure is quiet now that you’re not around

Is our love unraveling or is just fallen down?

The moon’s out of tune with my colors

The sky is out of time

It’s grown thin and pale

Just to imagine you with another

Sets my heart to weep and wail

Weep and wail, Weep and wail

Sets my heart to weep and wail

Salt on my tongue, a reminder

Of the earth that greets my steps

Wind in my ears  sweet whispers

Is this only possible or is set?

Our feet already following the trail?

Our souls bound to weep and wail?

Weep and wail, Weep and wail

Are souls bound to weep and wail?


5. Drops in the Ocean

The doves down in south Austin

Still wake me in the morn

You’ve said so long and now you’ve gone

And my heart’s just a little bit torn

Everybody came and went

Now all my money’s spent

Got no house, Got no rent

Tried so hard didn’t even make a dent

You can’t decide if you’re on the fence

That nightingale must have been heaven sent

Just to make us laugh and wonder a bit

At loves great big ocean

We made so much love that we barely slept

So much love with no regrets

So much love we paid off our debts

We dove right in and we got wet in the ocean

In the ocean

Love’s great big ocean

We dove right in

I bought a western shirt you know the kind with snaps

And the trumpet players playing taps

It’s hard to force yourself to relax

When the future looms with impending doom

And the woman I left back in San Francisco

She’s still crying into her pillow

Four years like a blanket wrapped ‘round her shoulders

She’s still wishing that I’d hold her

And I wouldn’t mind, I wouldn’t mind

Did you ever see your reflection in a tear rolling down a freckled cheek?

Did you ever have weeks feel like days and days feel like weeks?

I drank scotch and played backgammon

Till I couldn’t keep my eyes open

Tried to let her go but I couldn’t help hoping

For a chance of what we never had

Are we throwing out the good with the bad?

I’m still smiling she’s still sad

An we’re both just drops in the ocean

In the ocean

Love’s great big ocean

Drops in the ocean

That’s all we are

Well the water forms ‘round the porch screen door

I wonder what I’m still sitting here for

Put my feet up the wall lay down on the floor

Maybe play a little piano

But the water won’t stop so I better start swimming

Tears well up I better keep grinning

The crowds shown up guess I better start singing about love’s great big ocean

Well my best friends down in Mexico

I wonder how he’s doing

I wonder if he knows

That I spent the night in a cheap motel by the side of the road?

Except that cheap motels aren’t cheap anymore

Sixty-five bucks and the toilet didn’t flush

And the TV didn’t even have a remote

Still it felt just like a boat

Out on the ocean

Floating on the ocean

Sailing on the ocean

Surfing on the ocean in my very own boat

Well I went to bed early got up late

Some folks think it’s great some folks can’t relate

Some folks dance with the devil I’d rather dance with my fate

And take the muses out to dinner

We had gospel brunch down at Maria’s

If you don’t come by later I guess I’ll see you

Somewhere down the line

Don’t worry about me I’ll be fine

Just tell me a joke

Make me laugh

I’ll be sleeping on your couch for a week and a half

I need a jump in the springs

A roll in the grass

I wonder how long I can last In this ocean

This great big ocean

Lost in the ocean

Come on in

The waters fine

And I don’t mind.


6. Yesterday Comes Too Soon

Here I am naked as the day I was born

Sitting on this bed in this hotel room

It don’t matter what come before

Yesterday comes to soon

I’ve got this Honda to carry me

I’ve got six strings for company

I’ve got your voice to remind me of all I left behind me

I’ve got a storage unit in San Rafael

And a host of well-wishers to wish me well

I’m banging around like a clapper in a bell

Yesterday comes to soon

Yesterday it comes too soon

Try to remember December and it’s already June

Take a note from the birds and try and whistle a tune

Yesterday comes to soon

Everywhere I’ve been people’ve been so kind

Given me a bed and piece of their mind

With all these pieces how do I find mine?

Yesterday comes too soon

Hell no I ain’t waiting

I’m alive and I’m celebrating

If life is a train and death is just a station

Yesterday comes too soon

Folks have given me a meal and come to see me play

And many a one has asked me to stay

I just keep rolling on my way

Yesterday comes to soon

If you’re dancing like a chicken or your howling at the moon

If you’re saved or you’re damned either way you’re doomed

Yesterday comes too soon.


7. All Right with Me

I’ve got nothing in my pocket

I’ve got nothing up my sleeve

I’ve got nothing to hold on to

I’ve got nothing to believe

But it’s all right, it’s all right with me

I’ve got nothing in my mailbox

I’ve got nothing but time

I’ve got nothing on my calendar

I’ve got nothing on my mind

It’s all right, it’s all right with me

You look good wearing nothing

And there’s nothing in our way

If you want to get to doing something babe

All you got to do is say

It’s all right, it’s all right with me.


8. That Kind of Blue

Railroad tracks and river bends

An unexpected call from a long lost friend

The bittersweet sadness when the story ends

Eighth notes from a saxophone

After a long trip and I’m heading home

The soft morning silence when I wake alone

That kind of blue

I can’t remember

But it makes me swear that I once knew

That kind of blue

That sings so soulful

That old melody that gospel tune

That kind of blue

Chagall windows at the institute

Chicory flowers sticking out of my boots

Playing an old piano on a rainy afternoon

The sound of the breeze as it blows

The faint hint of sandalwood and rose

I’m laughing and I’m crying because she knows

That kind of blue, I can’t hold on to

But it makes me feel I’m almost there

That kind of blue

Like the darkest midnight

I can’t see a thing but I’m not scared

That kind of blue

That kind of blue

That speaks of freedom

And calls me out from my hiding place

That kind of blue

That asks for nothing

Just lays me down, kisses my face

That kind of blue

These six strings show me

When she’s sleeping softly in the next room

That kind of blue

That lets her hold me

Then let’s me go to watch her bloom

That kind of blue.


9. Love’s Last Arrow

Me and love’s angel

We’re at this bar

And I was complaining how I couldn’t get that far

With this dark haired beauty at the other end

He said don’t worry I’ll take care of this my friend

He stood up and drained his glass

Took out his little bow

Pulled back his last arrow

And he let it go

And it nearly knocked him over

But cross the crowded bar room it sped

Found my dark haired beauty

And hit her in the head

Love’s last arrow

Has missed its mark

Hit her head but Not her heart

Cupid’s quiver’s empty

My heart is too

I shouldn’t let him tempt me

When he’s had a few

Hey cupid ,

Look what you did what you did

Hey cupid!

Aw’ man you missed again

Now you might think love would come round pretty quick

With cupid as my friend

You’d think I’d have my pick

But every time we go out the girls think he’s so cute

With those little wings

And his birthday suit

An they never notice me

but you know he’s not to blame

He tries his best to help me

He’s just got shitty aim

Love’s last arrow’s missed its mark

Hit her head but

Not her heart

In the morning when she awakes

Her heart will be fine

But mine still aches

Hey cupid

Look what you did what you did

Hey cupid,

Aw’ man you missed again

Come on let’s get a cab

We’ll get you home.


10. In The Morning

In the morning

Birds singing early in the morning

In the morning

Cooking breakfast baby in the morning

In the evening

We’re walking early in the evening

In the evening

We’re laughing early in the evening

And when the sun goes down

We’ll drive the truck to town

See who’s playing down at the old saloon

When we get home

Disconnect the phone

The kids are at their grandma’s house it’s just you and me alone

Till the morning

You and me baby till the morning

Till the morning

Sleeping late early in the morning.


11. Coming Along

Where do I call home?

Where do these bones belong?

Anywhere I lay my head

Anywhere I sing my song

By and by further on

We’ll all be dead and gone

Further on by and by

Lord I don’t want to die

If you’re not coming along

Mostly I tend to struggle

Fight my way through each day

I just get myself in trouble

Delving deeper in the fray

By and by further on

It’s only bound to make me strong

Further on by and by

All I can do is try

Guess I’m coming along

Why do I make it so hard?

How stubborn can one man be?

Been round the world

While in my own back yard

You were waiting right here for me

Singing –aren’t you coming along?

Coming along.

Forest Sun © 2005